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Panama City, FL


Strep Throat Treatment in Panama City, FL

Are you experiencing throat pain? Does it hurt to talk or swallow? Have you developed a fever, aches, or chills? Though there are a number of ailments that can cause these and other uncomfortable symptoms, strep throat could be to blame. But the only way to effectively diagnose and treat strep throat is to seek professional help. At Emerald Coast Urgent Care, we offer strep throat treatment to children and adults alike.

Quality Care

At Emerald Coast Urgent Care, we understand how uncomfortable and painful your strep throat symptoms can be. That's why we pledge to work our hardest to make you feel better as quickly as possible. When you come to us, we'll test you for strep throat to make sure we understand the root of your symptoms. From there, we'll prescribe the medication and treatment you need to start fighting back.

If you have throat pain, don't suffer in silence. Call us today for more information or to make an appointment.